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Video: Torn tricolor spotted flying in New Delhi

Video: Torn tricolor spotted flying in New Delhi
Video: Torn tricolor spotted flying in New Delhi

Picture Courtesy: Dharmesh Thakkar

While anyone in the nation can choose to hoist the tricolor, there are strict rules that govern its use. But an alert citizen was quick to spot a gross violation of the rules when he spotted a torn tricolor flying in a crowded area of the nation’s capital on Thursday.

Dharmesh Thakkar, who works as an independant media professional, was on a visit to Delhi when he spotted the torn flag hoisted in Connaught Place. The flag, which was torn around the top right corner, was hoisted near Gate 6 of the Rajeev Gandhi Chowk metro.

According to the Indian Flag code, a set of laws that govern the usage of the India’s national flag, a damaged or dishevelled Flag should never be displayed.

Since the damaged flag was hoisted in full public view, Thakkar immediately recorded a video of it on his cell phone and alerted the PM’s office via Twitter.

While talking to Local Press Co, Thakkar claimed, “It’s a matter of national pride. Allowing a torn tricolor to fly unchecked in the nation’s capital is a disrespectful. It should be taken down immediately and disposed off in accordance with the Flag code”

As of writing this, Thakkar hasn’t received a response from the PM’s office or any other government official authorized to take action on his complaint.

Here’s the video that Thakkar recorded on his phone.

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