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3 instances where Salman’s fans went ‘Gaurav Chandna’

3 instances where Salman’s fans went ‘Gaurav Chandna’
3 instances where Salman's fans went 'Gaurav Chandna' 4

Salman Khan and his fans

If you’ve watched SRK’s ‘Fan’ and buy into the premise, you know a fan’s obsession can become a dangerous thing.

In real life, SRK’s buddy Salman Khan seems to have seen a fair share of ‘obsessive fans’.

Here are some recent cases where cops had to handle some of Salman’s slightly unreasonable fans.

1. After Salman was acquitted by the Bombay High Court in the hit-n-run case, an eight-month pregnant lady had gathered in the crowd to catch a glimpse of him. The cops warned her it was not the right place for her to be, but her husband informed the cops that she was a huge fan of the star and wouldn’t leave without seeing him; and she didn’t.

2. Less than two weeks back, cops came across a youth who was walking on the Worli-Bandra sea link. When questioned, he told cops that he was scouting for a location for his movie and would be picked up by a helicopter any minute now. Cops didn’t buy it and took him away. Over the next week, they had to keep him restrained to ensure he doesn’t harm himself or anyone. A week into the custody, he admitted he was a Salman Khan fan and had devoted his life to becoming like Salman Khan.

3. A 32-year-old from Ulhasnagar approached cops and claimed that Salman was stalking her. But that wasn’t it. She also accused Salman of inserting a microchip in her body and harassing her. When the cops didn’t register her FIR, she lost control and threatened to break their computers. Her visits have become a regular affair and cops have to assure her of taking action everytime before she leaves the station.

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