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Chitrangda elaborates on why the intimate scene made her quit movie with Nawazuddin

Chitrangda elaborates on why the intimate scene made her quit movie with Nawazuddin
Chitrangda elaborates on why the intimate scene made her quit Babumoshai Bandookbaaz

Chitrangada Singh

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Earlier this week, Chitrangda Singh reportedly quit ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’ midway after the director asked her to conduct her in a certain way while shooting an intimate scene.

2. Now, in an interview with Spotboye, the actress elaborated on her shooting experience with director Kushan Nandy and his business partner Kiran Shroff. When asked about Kiran’s allegations wherein she had said that Chitrangda wanted to remove a button of her blouse, the actress clarified by saying, “That’s right, but she is twisting that to her advantage. I did say that we should do away with one button in my blouse and use a pin instead, but that was simply because I was playing a very poor woman in the film. I only wanted my attire to look authentic. It was a creative conversation that we were having with each other. I was not doing it to look seductive.”

3. When the Spotboye reporter asked the leggy lass about the scene that led to the fallout, she clarified, “We finished the shot and Kushan said that he didn’t like it. He wanted me to lie on top of Nawaz. Now let me tell you that I was wearing a petticoat for that scene. I turned around to tell Kushan about my predicament. I told him: ‘Ho toh gaya. Kyun kar raha hai aise? Please try to understand that I am wearing a petticoat. But, he was in no mood to listen and we ended up having a big, loud argument. And wait till you hear this! A few minutes later he went and told Nawaz that we had shot the intimate scene very well!! Can you beat that?”

4. The actress even spoke about the duo’s attempts at re-shooting the same scene by adding, “We had already shot a montage where Kushan wanted me to do something similar. Nawaz and I had also kissed in that montage, and now Kushan wanted a 7-second kiss in the intimate scene. Even Nawaz told him ‘Kiss kiya toh hai, ab kya chahiye Kushan?’ Kiran interfered and I turned around to tell her: Who are you to explain my scene to me? That woman decided almost everything on the set, even the nose ring that I wore. She takes the final call on clothes too. She interfered in the intimate scene and said that she wants a long smooch between Nawaz and me. I couldn’t take it lying down and I questioned them that who’s the director: Kushan or Kiran? Kushan became embarrassed and asked her to leave. She is mighty pissed with me, I guess.”

5. The actress further clarified that despite what the director and his partner had claimed, she never asked anything to change from the script, nor was she reporting late to the set. She ended the interview by stating, “I even got to know that the think tank of the film felt that I shouldn’t have been told what they were expecting me to wear, but rather given the outfits only an hour or two before the shoots. Oh, why were they so fishy?”

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