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Not sure about playing her love interest, but I’ll love to produce film on Sania: SRK

Not sure about playing her love interest, but I’ll love to produce film on Sania: SRK
Not sure about playing her love interest, but I'll love to produce film on Sania: SRK

Sania Mirza and Shah Rukh Khan at the autobiography launch

At the launch of Sania Mirza’s autobiography, the Baadshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan confessed that a movie based on Sania Mirza will be inspiring and that he would love to produce it.

“Whenever there is a movie made on Sania, I think it will be very inspiring and it will be fantastic,” Khan told reporters while formally launching Sania’s autobiography, titled ‘Ace Against Odds’ in Hyderabad.

“And I don’t know… ask her if she will let me play her love interest. But, I will produce it for sure,” he said on a lighter note.

The ‘Fan’ actor also expressed that Indian sports films will soon be able to make a mark internationally. “Someway down the line when sportswomen and sportsmen films are made we feel extremely patriotic also from whichever part of the world they are made. When it’s an Indian sportsperson you will feel for the country,” he added.

“We have a country somehow perhaps apart from a few sports, we have never made a mark internationally. Inshah Allah…that will happen very soon…as things are progressing,” Khan said.

Certain that Sania’s book will be an inspiration to many, the 50-year-old actor added, “I think the book like this will obviously inspire a lot of us. Nothing can come in the way and there can be no obstacles when you have determination. I genuinely believe this. I have always followed her (Sania’s) career and she has brought so much freshness and so much beauty to all the sports lovers like me.”

“We all will take away something fantastic from this book…we all will have some learning lesson. Her experiences are very vital and to understand how you fight against things which are going against you,” he said, adding that there should also be a part-two of this book.

When asked about his own journey, Khan answered, “Mine has been a fortunate journey. I can’t really reminisce too many obstacles along the way. I have been very fortunate, many a times I think that perhaps I don’t deserve all this applause, love and recognition and I need to work harder to deserve this.”

The actor further stated that there is no alternative to hard work.

“If I am really sad I cry in my bathroom and then I wipe my tears… come back or hide myself and then wake up in the morning and work harder. If I am successful I have to work hard to be able to retain it and if I am unsuccessful, I have to work hard to be able to regain it and that’s the only way to deal with obstacles,” he said.

When Sania was asked about the most difficult phase of her professional career, she responded by saying, “For me as an athlete the toughest time was during 2010 when I had third surgery and I thought I was going to have to stop playing tennis. That for me was the toughest part because I was being forced to stop doing something that I loved doing. I was actually under depression for couple of months.

With inputs from PTI

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