After Dedh Ishqiya, Dedh Gangs Of Wasseypur in the works

After Dedh Ishqiya, Dedh Gangs Of Wasseypur in the works
Gangs of Wasseypur 2 poster

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. The makers of ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’ have reportedly started working on the third film in the critically acclaimed crime-drama franchise.

2. Back in September, ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’ director Anurag Kashyap had hinted at a possible sequel and asked the film’s writer Zeishan Quadri to start working on it.

3. However, after watching Quadri’s directorial debut ‘Meeruthiya Gangsters’, Kashyap has reportedly asked him to write and direct the sequel.

4. In an interview with Times of India, when Quadri was asked about the project, he said, “I came home when Ramzan began. Festival par ghar aana bhi ho gaya aur film ke liye research bhi. I will be spending a few weeks here and finalising the plot and characters while I’m here.”

5. As for the film’s storyline, he added, “It’s not a sequel or a prequel. If I have to give it a term, I’d call it a mid-equal (laughs). It will have the same timeline and setting as the first two films. Which is why we aren’t calling it part 3 but part 1.5. It will tell a parallel story between the two films.” As for the films cast, he added, “That’s being worked out. You might see some characters from the first two films, but it will be a new storyline.”

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