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Mohenjo Daro’s lead actress found the topic ‘boring’ in school

Mohenjo Daro’s lead actress found the topic ‘boring’ in school
Mohenjo Daro's lead actress found the topic 'boring' in school

Pooja Hegde

Actress Pooja Hegde recently confessed that she never thought she will be working in a film on Mohenjo Daro, a topic she found boring during her school days.

At the promotional event of filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker’s period drama Mohenjo Daro, Pooja told reporters, “I’d read the chapter on Mohenjo Daro in school and was so bored. I never imagined I will do a film based or set in that era. The younger generation is picking up history books again and are interested to know things.”

“This film is Ashutosh Gowariker’s version of Mohenjo Daro. I think it will generate curiosity among the audience about the story and the era,” added Pooja.

The film stars Hrithik Roshan in the lead role. At the event, Hrithik described his first meeting with Pooja, “The first time I met Pooja was during a photo-shoot where we both had to look into each other’s eyes. We had to romance. I was taken aback. The kind of courage and purity she has got on screen struck me. She is a special and rare talent. I am sure she will go a long way.”

Pooja, who has earlier done films in South, said that she is grateful to Ashutosh and Hrithik for her grand debut in Bollywood.

“There are lot of girls who had a great debut. But who had Hrithik Roshan? Thank you so much. Hrithik has been a very gracious person. He has been very encouraging. He was my friend whenever I needed help,” concluded Pooja.

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