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Rakhi Sawant comes to Salman’s rescue, says his ‘rape comment’ was dubbed

Rakhi Sawant comes to Salman’s rescue, says his ‘rape comment’ was dubbed
Rakhi Sawant comes to Salman's rescue, says his 'rape comment' was dubbed

A still from Rakhi Sawant’s interview

After everyones had their share of the ‘Salman’s rape comment’ controversy, Rakhi Sawant woke up from her slumber and clarified once and for all that the actor isn’t responsible for any comment since never made it in the first place.

For those who are still wondering about the comment, Salman had compared his pain from shooting for ‘Sultan’ to that of a ‘raped’ woman, sparking an outrage. He later admitted to reporters that he shouldn’t have said it, but everyone pretended that never happened and continued criticizing the actor for his insensitive remark.

Now Rakhi, who has had her share of controversies in the past, has come to the rescue of Salman. Without getting into the interpretation, here’s what Rakhi had to say about the Bajrangi Bhaijan’s comment, “Salman ek legend hain humaari film industry ke aur abhi unki filmein release hone waali hain, kuchh ek controversy mein phasse hain meri tarah, aur log haath dho ke unke peeche pade hain. But Salman Khan toh Salman Khan hain. Unke Saath Modi ji hain, toh Salman ko koi phasa nahin sakta.”

She was also quick to add that due to his stature and stardom, controversy simply follows him everywhere he goes.

And, disregarding the actual apology that Salman’s father, Salim Khan, issued on his son’s behalf, the actress said, “Mujhe nahi lagta Salman Khan ne yeh baat boli hai, I promise you that Salman Khan ne yeh baat nahi boli hai.”

She also added, “Unke mooh pe jaise beech mein jaise Karan Johar (during the infamous AIB Roast) unka aaya tha na, ki unki baaton pe dubbing kiya gaya tha, abuse language use ki gayi thi, toh Salman Khan ne sirf lip movement ki hai aur unki baaton pe kisi ne dubbing ki hai. Salman Khan ki awaaz nikaalne waale bahut saare log hain, mimicry artist bahut saare log hai. I promise you, Salman Khan logon ko pyaar dete hain, woh ek mahila ke khilaaf aise kaise bol sakte hain.”

Here’s the video of Rakhi’s actual interview where she said everything we’ve quoted.

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