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Vir Das almost lost his 4-BHK apartment in Bandra’s Pali Hill

Vir Das almost lost his 4-BHK apartment in Bandra’s Pali Hill
Vir Das almost lost his 4-BHK apartment in Bandra's Pali Hill 3

Vir Das

In a recent face-off between Vir Das and his housing society, the actor-comedian was almost rendered homeless.

Das was allegedly holding up repair jobs at his house, citing he was away; and when he tried to stall the renovation a second time, he was asked to pack up and leave if he couldn’t cooperate.

Sources say that the seven-storey Neptune Apartments, where the actor lives as a tenant, was in bad shape and the society wanted to revamp it before monsoon sets in. A chunk of the work had to be carried out at Das’s 4-BHK rental on the fourth floor. When the labourers visited Neptune to carry out the repairs, it is alleged that Das had packed his bags and left for a shoot in the US for a good month-and-a-half.

Despite the members trying to reason with him over phone and email, Das didn’t want the work to resume until he got back, saying his wife was alone in the house.

When he returned, he tried to stall the work again saying his dog had not been keeping well and was allergic to dust. This time, the society members pulled him up for his behaviour and asked him to vacate the flat if he was not ready to cooperate.

It is said that the actor eventually gave in, allowing the society to carry on with the pending repairs.
Speaking to a city newspaper, Das said that the matter had been laid to rest cordially, but added that it is important for tenants in this city to assert their rights.

“As a husband and pet owner, I must assert my rights to ensure my wife is not alone in a flat with multiple workers and that my pet is safe at all times. I imagine any husband would do the same…,” he said, adding he has offered to cover any costs that the delay might have entailed.

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