iPhone 2017 will sport all glass body, says Apple’s most reliable ‘leaker’

iPhone 2017 will sport all glass body, says Apple's most reliable leaker
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Apple’s most reliable ‘serial leaker’ has sent the rumour mills on overdrive by announcing that the 2017 iPhone will sport an all glass body.

Before you dismiss this rumour thinking it’s just one guy claiming this, you should know the guy in question is none other than Ming-Chi Kuo. Till date, Kuo is one of the most reliable analyst of Apple’s upcoming phones and has a near perfect record of predicting features of the iPhone 6 and 6s.

According to Kuo, the upcoming iPhone – most likely called the iPhone 7, will not sport a completely new look. It will most likely retain the design aesthetics of 6s with a few minor advancements.

The 2017 iPhone model, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

Kuo has said that the 2017 model will be completely re-designed from the ground up and ditch the existing metal frame for a glass enclosure. If you’re worried about how Apple will make a completely glass body work for an everyday use, fret not. With the recent developments in shatter-proof glass technology, the phone will actually be a lot tougher than what one would expect.

The new phone will also feature a slightly curved AMOLED screen, similar to the ones one’s used by Samsung on their flagships.

If you’re wondering why the 2017 model is so special, it marks the phone’s tenth anniversary. So, Apple is likely to come out all-guns-blazing.

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