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21-year-old killed for bypassing bullying senior at Mulund toll plaza

21-year-old killed for bypassing bullying senior to get work shift changed

Mulund check naka

In a shocking incident, a 21-year-old man’s attempt of bypassing a bullying senior at work to get his shift changed costed him his life.

Akash Gohere, a resident of Koparkhairne, worked as a bouncer at a small toll plaza near Anand Nagar in Mulund. And the accused, Ravikiran Kadam, a resident of Thane, too had been working at the same toll plaza for some years now, and reportedly threw his weight around by bullying everyone at work.

On Monday, after his shift got over, Gohere approached a senior at work directly, instead of going through Kadam, to get his morning shift changed. Angry at being sidelined, Kadam punched Gohere in his neck and chest, which resulted in the latter’s death.

Realising the consequence of his actions, Kadam tried to escape but the locals at the scene managed to catch him and handed him over to Navghar police.

Police said that Kadam had a reputation of being a bully and picking a fight with his colleagues on the drop of a hat.

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