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SoBo resident, who owns 7 dogs and a tortoise, booked for animal cruelty

Owner of 7 dogs and a tortoise, SoBo resident booked for animal cruelty

Picture courtesy: Mid Day

In yet another incident of animal cruelty, a resident of Al-Sabah Court building located near Marine Drive has been booked for assaulting his pet dogs.

The accused, identified as Nirmeet Solanki, was spotted by two Cuffe Parade residents kicking one of the canines on its face with immense force.

When the complainants – Ammar Petiwala and Aditya Kapoor – confronted Solanki, he admitted that he hit the dog because it ate some faeces from the ground.

Not convinced with the reply, Petiwala approached Nandita Saigal, who is an Animal Welfare Officer. When they visited Solanki’s house, Saigal noticed there were seven fully-grown Dalmatians tied up in various parts of the house.

Two were in the hallway, two in the balcony, one in the bedroom, one was tied up in the toilet, and one female dog in the kitchen, which according to Saigal, had clearly been bred.

The canines were all tied up on extremely short leashes and exhibited severe signs of malnourishment and aggression. They identified that the animal kicked by Solanki was tied up on a short leash and confined to a 10 sq ft bathroom.

Apart from the dogs, there was a severely neglected tortoise, which according to Saigal, may not survive for long owing to its current state.

Meanwhile, the animal lovers have lodged a complaint against Solanki at Marine Drive police station.

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