Railways unveils fare structure for Mumbai’s first AC local

Railways unveils fare structure for Mumbai's first AC local
Fare structure of Mumbai’s first AC local. Courtesy: Rajendra B. Aklekar

Western Railways unveiled the fare structure for the city’s first AC local in a circular issued earlier today.


Fare Structure Highlights:


* Regular fares for AC local will be 1.3 times of existing first-class fare. The fare for single journeys will start from Rs 60 for Churchgate to Mumbai Central and go up till Rs 205 for Churchgate to Virar.


* Commuters will get a discounted rate for the first 6 months during which tickets will be priced at 1.2 times the base fare of regular first class tickets.


* Weekly, fortnightly, and monthly season tickets will be priced equivalent to 5, 7.5 and 10 single AC journeys, with fares till Virar fixed at Rs 1070, 1,555 and 2,040 respectively.


* AC local ticket-holders would be allowed to travel in the first class compartments of non-AC local trains.


* Like regular tickets, tickets for AC local will attract 5 percent GST.

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