20 minute walk costs Thane woman Rs 62,000

20 minute walk costs Thane woman Rs 62,000
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In what can only be called as a ‘blitzkrieg’ robbery, an unidentified thief robbed a woman’s home while she had gone out for a walk.

The woman, a resident of Shivaji Nagar at Wagle Estate, had gone for a walk early morning on Monday. She would often leave her house around the same time.

When she returned to her house mere 20 minutes later, she was shocked to see the main door of her house forced open.

Suspecting the worst, the woman entered the house and found cash and jewellery worth an estimated Rs 62,000 stolen from her bedroom cupboard. She immediately informed the cops, who have launched an investigation into the matter.

Since the owner had only left the house for 20 minutes, cops suspect that the thief was keeping an eye on her and was aware of her daily routine. He might have even known about the type of lock that was installed on her door beforehand.

So far, cops have checked with the neighbours and searched the area, but have come out empty.

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