21-yr-old detained for joking about ‘blowing up plane’ onboard Jet Airways’ flight to Mumbai

21-yr-old detained for joking about 'blowing up plane' onboard Jet Airways' flight to Mumbai
During questioning, J Poddar (inset) told authorities that he was joking about blowing up the plane

A 21-year-old scheduled to fly onboard a Jet Airways flight to Mumbai was detained at Kolkata airport on Monday morning after he was heard speaking about ‘blowing up the plane and passengers’ on a call.

According to sources, the passenger, J Poddar, was to fly from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport in Kolkata to Mumbai via Jet Airways flight 9W0472 around 8:15 am today.

Poddar, who was travelling with some friends, had covered his face with a cloth. Just before take-off, he was heard saying on a call that he would kill all the passengers and blow up the aircraft.

The conversation was overheard by several passengers who quickly alerted the cabin crew and pilot.

One of the passengers seated next to him also saw him sending messages on WhatsApp, with one of them reportedly reading, “Terrorist on flight. I destroy women’s hearts”

After being notified, the pilot immediately directed the aircraft towards a secluded spot in the taxi bay, where all other passengers were asked to deboard and Poddar was apprehended by Central Industrial Security Force (CSIF) for questioning

The aircraft was checked for suspicious objects, but nothing was found. Even Poddar’s baggage was re-checked but did not result in the discovery of any illegal or dangerous item.

During interrogation, the youngster confessed that he was simply joking with his friends. He has been handed over to Kolkata Police.

The flight, meanwhile, took off after an hour’s delay with the remaining 160 passengers.

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