23,000 nurses across the state go on strike

23,000 nurses across the state go on strike
Representational image. Courtesy: The Hindu

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. On Tuesday, over 23,000 nurses across the state and about 2,000 from Mumbai went on strike demanding changes in their employment contracts and uniforms.

2. The primary reason for going on strike was to demand permanent jobs in government hospitals. At present, nurses are employed on contractual basis.

3. Their demands also included change of white blouse and skirt of female nurses into cream pant and shirt. The male nurses also demanded a change in their uniform colour from white to cream.

4. In Mumbai, nurses from Cama and Albless hospital, Gokuldas Tejpal hospital, St George hospital and JJ hospital observed strike wherein they reported at hospitals but refused to do their routine work. However, they attended to all emergency cases.

5. Since these hospitals were informed about the strike in advance, they had rescheduled major surgeries that were supposed to take place on June 15 as a precautionary measure.

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