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Where did the 33,000 tickets for today’s match disappear? And how you can still get one

Where did the 33,000 tickets for today’s match disappear? And how you can still get one

Before the ICC T20 World Cup began, no one knew if India would even make it to the semi-finals, let alone play a semi-final in Mumbai. But, as fate and our team’s stellar performance would have it, that’s exactly what happened.

So, the second India defeated Australia, most had this sudden urge to score tickets for the semi-finals in Mumbai. Wouldn’t be too hard considering Wankhede seats about 33,000, right?

Unfortunately for fans, Wankhede Stadium was built from money borrowed from government & gymkhanas. The money might have been borrowed decades earlier, but every time there is an International match, everyone ‘cashes in’. For today’s match, MCA has graciously extended free tickets to the tune of 4200 to the five gymkhanas. In addition, 250 have been sent to Maharashtra Chief Secretary and Mumbai’s clubs have claimed another 7500.

MCA claims that for every international match, they give away 19,000 tickets to the donors. A part of what’s left is reserved for corporates & other influential people from the city.

Only a small percentage is kept open for general public. For today’s match, only 4600 out of the total 33,000 were sold to the public.

With a population of over a billion in a cricket crazy country, less number of tickets translates to one thing – expensive tickets. While cricket crazy fans who booked the tickets in advance will relish the experience, there are those who are a little more ‘business minded’.

According to sources, tickets normally costing around Rs. 3000 are being sold for anywhere between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 21,000. Sources also claim that a few individuals will be holding the tickets till the very last minute in an attempt to sell them to those who’ve flown from other countries to witness the match, without booking the tickets. Yes, you read that right.

So, if you think you can bargain well and spare some cash, just reach the ground hours before the match. You might have to outbid an NRI, but you still have a chance of catching the action live.

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