Anti-drug rally organized in Kalina, Mumbai

Anti-drug rally organized in Kalina, Mumbai
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Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Former Maharashtra minister, Kripashankar Singh, led an anti-drug rally from Vakola to Kalina on Sunday.

2. The rally was organised to seek immediate action against drug suppliers and to make the city youth aware about the ill effects of drug addiction. It started from Hotel Turning Point in Vakola and ended at St. Roque Grotto in Kalina.

3. On organizing the rally, Kripashankar Singh told PTI (Press Trust of India), “It is extremely unfortunate that youngsters and college students are falling prey to drug addiction and local police as well as the state government have failed miserably in tackling this social menace.”

4. The rally was supported by Vakola & Kalina Youth Welfare Association and thousands of local residents took a part in the rally. The congress leader also said that he will talk to relevant authorities to ensure that the drug menace is completely eliminated from the area.

5. Meanwhile, another anti drug rally was held by AAP youth wing in Jalandhar on the same day.

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