Aspiring actress accuses producer of sexual and drug abuse, files complaint

Aspiring actress accuses producer of sexual and drug abuse, files complaint
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1. The Bandra police has filed an FIR against Ashraf Merchant for posing as a film producer and raping a 32-year-old actress under the pretext of giving her a break in Bollywood.

2. The victim, an aspiring star, has worked in a couple of Hindi and Kannada movies. Originally from Chandigarh, the complainant had met Merchant through a common friend in 2013. During their meet, Merchant introduced himself to the victim as a producer and promised her of opportunities to work in Bollywood films.

3. According to the victim, in February 2014, she had visited Merchant’s home in Bandra and was shocked to see a group of youngsters consuming drugs. Merchant asked her to so the same stating that it is required to get recognised in the film industry. When she refused to sniff the drug, Merchant caught hold of her hair and forcibly made her sniff cocaine. The victim started bleeding profusely from her nose and fell unconscious on the floor. Later, Merchant locked her in the room and raped her

4. The victim, in her complaint has claimed that she was mentally and physically abused by Merchant for almost six months. During the period, she had turned into a drug addict. “One day, when I was searching for my dose in Merchant’s house, I found CDs and photos of other women in intimate positions.That was when I realised I am in big trouble. I fled from Mumbai and went to Chandigarh, my hometown. Merchant then called me and threatened me that he has my videos, which he would leak online. He also boasted of his political connections,” she informed the police.

5. The actress narrated her ordeal to her mother, who then got her daughter admitted in a rehab centre for treatment. The victim, after filing a complaint against Merchant, has sought proper investigation of the case.

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