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Bhayandar resident caught smoking beedi in loo of Mumbai-Delhi flight

flier smokes beedi in flight's loo

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An FIR has been registered against a first time flier who was was caught smoking in the washroom of a Mumbai-Delhi IndiGo flight on Wednesday.

Identified as Vinod Kumar, the 58-year-old Bhayandar resident who was traveling to Mumbai from Delhi had managed to carry a matchbox in the aircraft. When the flight started descending Kumar went to the washroom and lit a beedi using a matchbox.

As soon as the crew realized what he was doing they told him that it was a punishable offence and asked him to stop. The pilot was then told about Kumar’s mid-air action and he alerted the ground staff. When they landed in Mumbai, the airline security officials decided to hand him over to the police station.

Initially Kumar was let go after being fined for Rs 200 fine but he was called back for further proceedings, and an FIR was registered against him under Section 336 of IPC and section 25 of Aircraft Act 1937.

The incident raises serious questions on the security arrangements at airports, as the man managed to smuggle a match box inside the aircraft despite “thorough” security checks.

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