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Bhayander youth poses as woman to lure and kill friend who had slapped him

Bhayander youth poses as woman to lure and kill friend who had slapped him
Bhayander youth poses as woman to lure and kill friend who had slapped him

Jay Prajapati /Picture Courtesy : Sachin Sharma

The accused, 22-year-old Ajay Vishwakarma, was friends with the deceased for a long time. However, their relationship turned sour after the victim, Jay Prajapati, slapped him in front of their friends two months back.

The group had been discussing about girls at their usual hangout at Jesal Park Chowpatty in Bhayander East, when the incident happened. Following which, Vishwakarma was ridiculed by his friends.

To extract revenge, Vishwakarma bought a demo SIM card and started chatting with Prajapati by posing as ‘Nancy Dixit’. The WhatsApp chats continued for a month, during which Prajapati started confiding in Nancy and started getting close to her.

After a month, Prajapati wanted to speak to Nancy on the phone instead of just messaging on WhatsApp. Realizing that Prajapati wouldn’t budge, Vishwakarma resorted to speaking in a woman’s voice and kept conversing with his friend on call.

Following a month of long conversations, Prajapati confessed his love for Nancy and asked her to meet him. Nancy agreed.

The ‘couple’ was supposed to meet on July 27, when Vishwakarma offered to accompany the 20-year-old. Prajapati told his parents that he was going to meet a friend and left the house around 11:30 am with the accused, who had come to pick him up.

After the victim failed to return home by evening, the family got worried. Since all attempts at reaching his cell phone were in vain, they approached Navghar police and filed a missing persons complaint.

On July 28, Prajapati’s father, Rajendra, received an SMS from his son’s phone claiming that he had been kidnapped and would only be released once a ransom of Rs 15 lakh was paid. Since Prajapati had been repeatedly asking him for money in the last two weeks for recording his music album, Rajendra ignored the message thinking his son was trying to fool him.

But, Rajendra approached the police again after he continued receiving messages the following day. He was advised to negotiate with the kidnapper in a bid to keep him engaged.

Multiple messages were exchanged between Rajendra and the kidnapper, until cops were able to trace the location of Prajapati’s phone. The kidnapped was finally arrested from Bhayander.

During interrogation, Vishwakarma confessed to murdering Prajapati on July 27. He had taken the victim to a secluded spot in Naigaon, where he and his accomplice had bashed his head in with a stone.

He is currently in police custody.

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