Borivali RTO sees highest new bike & car registrations on Dussehra eve, Tardeo lowest

Borivali RTO sees highest new bike & car registrations on Dussehra eve, Tardeo lowest 1
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Mumbaikars might complain about potholed roads or lack of parking spaces in the city, but that has seldom stopped them from buying new vehicles. Especially on the eve of Dussehra, which is considered one of the most auspicious days for making new purchases by Hindus.

Every year, the festival sees a high number of new vehicle registrations and it has been the case this year as well.

According to data obtained by HT from the four Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in Mumbai, 4000 new vehicles were registered on the eve of Dussehra this year.

Of the four RTOs, Borivali RTO has seen the maximum number of new registrations, while Tardeo RTO has witnessed the least number of registrations compared to the other three.


Borivali RTO: 1,161 two-wheelers + 784 four-wheelers
Andheri RTO: 784 two-wheelers + 578 four-wheelers
Wadala RTO: 799 two-wheelers + 300 four-wheelers
Tardeo RTO: 311 two-wheelers + 156 four-wheelers

Reportedly, the average number of vehicle registrations have almost doubled in the last few days leading up to the festival thanks to the Dussehra offers being run by most two and four-wheeler brands.

All four RTOs combined made approximately Rs 3 crore owing to the high number of new registrations.

Additionally, despite being the public holiday, the RTOs will stay open today to cater to the thousands of individuals who prefer to get their registrations done or take deliveries on this auspicious day.

While 4,000 new registrations seem like a high number in itself, an RTO official stated that it was 10 percent lower when compared to 2015’s data.

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