Chembur couple attempts suicide after families find out about same sex relationship

Chembur couple attempts suicide after families find out about same sex relationship 2
The couple at Marine Drive

In a society where acceptance of relationship between two youngsters of the opposite sex is bleak at best, it’s safe to assume that couples of the same sex would have a much harder time trying to ‘fit in’.

The harsh reality about acceptance of gay couples in today’s society led two young girls to attempt suicide after their families found out about their relationship. Only one of them survived.

The 21-year-olds, Shweta and Mamta (names changed), lived in the same neighbourhood in Suman Nagar area of Chembur. The two became friends over a period of time and friendship blossomed into love over the last year.

The two would often spend all day together and return home during evenings. The families, who were oblivious about their relationship, were became suspicious when Shweta’s relative spotted the two of them cuddling at Marine Drive last Friday.

When Shweta came home around 6 pm, her father asked her about her day. He prodded further till Shweta confessed that she was in a relationship with Mamta. Her father scolded her and told her never to meet Mamta again.

Later, her father called Mamta’s elder sister and invited her and Mamta to the office of a local political worker, Mahendra Nagte. When they arrived, they were told to cease all contact and stay away from Shweta.

Meanwhile Shweta, who was at home, attempted suicide by drinking phenyl.

When Mamta came to know about it, she locked herself in her room. When she refused to open the door despite repeated attempts, her family members broke the door to her room on Sunday morning and found her hanging from the ceiling fan.

However, Shweta survived and is currently recuperating in a nearby hospital.

Police have arrested both Shweta’s father and Nagte in connection with Mamta’s suicide. During investigation, Mamta’s sister revealed that Shweta’s father had threatened and hurled abuses at them while they were at Nagte’s office.

The accused have been booked under Sections 306 (abetment of suicide), 507 (criminal intimidation) and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code.

Mamta’s statement will be recorded after she recovers, following which police will take further action.

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