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Chembur woman kills 6-year-old son in his sleep

Chembur woman kills 6-year-old son in his sleep
Chembur woman kills 6-year-old son in his sleep

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In a shameful incident, a 25-year-old single mother from Chembur strangulated her minor son to death while he was asleep on Monday.

The accused, Savita Dornali, was staying at her friend’s house in barrack number 174, Chembur Camp for over a week. Her 6-year-old son, Devraj Dornali, was reportedly suffering from a serious case of convulsions.

Savita, who works as a househelp in Chembur, earned about Rs 4,000 a month. With such low disposable income, she was unable to afford the expense of Rs 2,000 for her son’s treatment.

Frustrated over her pitiful condition, Savita strangulated her son with her dupatta in his sleep around 4 am. She then wore the dupatta around her neck and slept next to him.

Around 9 am on Monday morning, pretending as if nothing has happened, Savita tried to wake up her son. After the minor failed to wake up, she screamed for help. The boy was then rushed to Shatabdi Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

While probing the case, the cops found that the friend was not at home at the time of death. Moreover, the room was locked from inside and there were no visible signs of a forced entry.

While speaking to Indian Express, Zonal Deputy Commissioner of Police Shahaji Umap said, “Circumstantial evidence pointed to the mother. Savita finally confessed that she used her dupatta to strangle her child in his sleep around 4 am”.

She later narrated the series of events to the cops. The police officers have arrested Savita and booked her under relevant sections of the IPC. She will be produced before a magistrate court on Wednesday.

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