Complaint filed against auto driver for slapping female commuter in Andheri

Complaint against auto driver for slapping female commuter in Andheri
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MIDC police on Friday booked an errant auto driver for allegedly slapping a 28-year-old female commuter in public at Andheri.

The commuter, Aparna Singh, had taken a rickshaw around 9 am from Andheri station to Mahakali caves. Singh, who works as a assistant brand manager with a firm, was travelling to her office in Onida house.

According to Singh’s complaint, the auto driver was acting arrogantly throughout the journey. After reaching her destination, Singh asked her to stop the auto. But the driver ignored and kept driving.

Eventually, she had to shout at him to make him stop.

Because of his behaviour, Singh dialed the women helpline number (103) to complain against him. Following which the driver started apologizing and pleading her to not pursue the complaint. The driver also told Singh that one of his family members was in the hospital.

Singh, showing compassion, decided to forgive him. However, as soon as she paid the driver his fare and got down from the rickshaw, he slapped her on the face and tried to flee.

Despite being in a state of shock, the 28-year-old pulled him from his collar and held the rickshaw’s rod with the other hand. After dragging her for a few metres, he dashed the auto into a Tata Nano and came to a halt. Singh immediately pulled the rickshaw’s key.

To her luck, a passing police patrol van noticed the commotion and an official arrived at the spot to investigate. After Singh narrated the incident, both were taken to MIDC police station in Andheri.

After reaching the station, the cops reportedly tried to dissuade Singh from filing a complaint. But Singh was adamant. Finally, cops filed a non-cognisable complaint against the driver.

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