Disaster management to launch an app to help Mumbaikars during emergencies

Disaster management to launch to help Mumbaikars during emergencies
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Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. As Mumbai awaits the arrival of monsoon, the Disaster management department is preparing to launch an app that will provide realtime updates on the weather and help city dwellers in case of an emergency during the rainy days.

2. The location enabled mobile application, which will be launched next week in Mumbai, will provide updated information about the traffic, weather, tides as well as other information like the amount of precipitation, humidity and temperature.

3. According to an Indian Express report, by using this app, people can plan their travel with the help of information about location specific bus, train and air diversions. They can also add the numbers of personal contacts on the emergency contacts list.

4. During emergency, an user can press the ‘Emergency’ tab of the app to contact the nearest ward office, police station or fire brigade and report their problem on spot.

5. The application will be monitored by the Disaster Management cell 24×7 and Mumbaikars can avail this service even post-monsoon. It also includes few animated video clips which provides tips on surviving disasters such as landslides, earthquake, fires, bomb blasts, cyclone, flooding etc.

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