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Govandi man cooks a story to save cousin who shot him ‘by mistake’

Govandi man cooks a story to save cousin who shot him ‘by mistake’
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1. On Saturday, Mumbai police arrested a man who accidentally fired a round at his cousin at the latter’s Govandi residence.

2. The incident occurred on Thursday when auto driver Salim Shaikh was at his cousin, Adhav’s residence in Govandi. Adhav possessed a licensed firearm and was flaunting it when he accidentally fired and injured Shaikh’s shoulder.

3. But, no love was lost between the cousins and in order to save Adhav, Shaikh concocted a story that he was fired by a person passing by in a car while he was urinating in open near Tilak Nagar. Read more here.

4. While probing the case, police suspected that something was amiss as they found no bullet at the spot where Shaikh claimed the incident happened. A police officer told Indian Express, “One of our informers told us Shaikh had gone to his cousin Adhav’s residence earlier that day. When we went to Adhav’s house, we found a glass window of his house was shattered. Also Adhav informed us that he had a licensed firearm. When we checked, one of the bullets was missing.”

5. Upon interrogating the two, they confessed that the revolver accidentally went off and Shaikh had cooked a story to save his cousin. The police have arrested Adhav.

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