Government to make use waste plastic in construction of city roads

Government to use waste plastic for construction of city roads
Construction work in progress of a plastic road

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1. On Tuesday, Maharashtra government allowed the usage of all sorts of plastic materials, including PVC, in the construction of asphalt roads across the state.

2. According to engineers, for every 100 kg of tar used in the construction of asphalt road, three to six kg of plastic will be mixed. This move will not cut down on the usage of asphalt but will prove as an excellent measure to reuse plastic waste and reduce soil pollution.

3. A senior PWD official told Time of India, “We will build 100 km roads this year using this formula. For next year, the target is of 1000 km. So there is less probability of you getting potholes during monsoon as all municipal corporations and councils will be able to do so.”

4. Using this formula for construction of roads will help the government decrease their total expenditure while increasing the road’s durability by three years and keeping pollution under control.

5. Studies also reveal that plastic waste used in the construction of roads results in the roads possessing higher resistance to deformation and water induced damages.

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