Juhu resident shames perverts who sent her obscene messages on Facebook, files complaint

Juhu resident shames perverts who send her obscene messages on Facebook, files complaint
Tara Kaushal / Facebook

A 32-year-old Juhu resident responded to perverts who sent her obscene messages on social media by publicly shaming and filing an FIR against them.

The complainant, Tara Kaushal, had received the messages on Facebook back in April. However, since the messages came from individuals not on her friend list, they were confined to the ‘other’ section.

After stumbling upon the messages while browsing, she approached Juhu police station and filed a complaint against all four men on Thursday.

The accused have been identified as Hadimani TF, Mohammed Ansari, Sabir Gadekar and Mohit Bobade.

“After the complaint was filed, we forwarded the details to the cyber cell to get the IP addresses of the accused. Once the IP addresses are known, we will be able track their location and make the arrest,” said a senior official from Juhu police station.

In the interim, Tara took the screenshots of messages sent by the accused and shared them on her Facebook wall with the below message:

“At 5.30 am, I take a break from nightlong work to check my weirdos folder on Facebook, once named ‘others’ now named ‘filtered’. Apart from some true missed connections, I found a few gems, as always.

You’ve gotto admire Hadimani T F’s nerve: he seems to be a real person who’s really in the media, like me, legitimised by our common friends—Cp Surendran, Vivek Kumar and Samir Mondal. And yet, he tells me I give him a hard on. Nice.

Imran Farooqui is honest, at least. If you wanna be my lover… nah, nothing. Thanks but no thanks.

Mohammed Ansari is married with a child, and posts about his parents and child abound on his wall. He has both, religion and penis, and whips them out in public and waves them around.


Before lodging the FIR with Juhu police, Tara had also written to them asking them to take stringent action against the accused. She also mentioned that she wanted the men to understand that sending messages via the internet doesn’t imply that they are beyond the reach of the law.

The accused have been booked under 354A and 509 of the IPC and under provisions of the IT Act of 1967.

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