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Kalyan girl steals mom’s jewellery to buy a sports bike for boyfriend

Kalyan girl steals mom’s jewellery to buy a sports bike for boyfriend
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1. In a bizarre incident, a probe into a possible kidnapping case led Mumbai police to solve a case of missing gold ornaments registered two weeks back.

2. On May 9, a doctor and his wife from Bazarpeth had gone out leaving their 15-year-old daughter at home. When they came back, they found gold ornaments worth over Rs 1.75 lakh missing from the house. Since the daughter couldn’t explain how the jewellery was robbed from the cupboard, the couple registered a police complaint.

3. On May 23, the same daughter went missing and her parents filed another complaint. Since she was a minor, a kidnapping case was registered. During the investigation, police found that she was dating a 20-year-old college student who had recently purchased a new bike worth Rs 85,000. Since the boy’s financial condition was not sound, police suspected his involvement in the kidnapping.

4. However, the girl returned home on her own the next day. When questioned, she told her parents that she had left home after she had a fight with her brother and that she had spent the night at Karjat station platform. In the morning, she regretted her decision and decided to come back home. When the parents informed the cops, they requested them to bring her in for questioning nevertheless.

5. When the cops questioned her about the missing ornaments, she confessed to the crime and claimed that she stole the money so she could ride on a sportbike with her boyfriend. The boyfriend, who was unable to sell the gold, took help from two of his friends and managed to find a buyer who agreed to buy the gold at half price. Police arrested the boyfriend and his two friends on Tuesday evening and recovered the stolen ornaments from the buyer. The three boys are in police custody.

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