Kurla flagged riskiest during monsoon by disaster management department

Kurla flagged riskiest during monsoon by disaster management department
Image: livemint

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. With the weather department predicting rains to hit the city any day now, the disaster management department, during their due diligence, have identified a total of 12 wards that are vulnerable to excess flooding during heavy rainfall.

2. According to an Indian Express report, wards D, E, H East, K West, K West, P South, P North, R South, R North, L, M East and S wards have been flagged as risky due to the presence of landslide prone areas, low lying flooding spots and dilapidated buildings.

3. The department identified a total of 284 landslide areas in the city, with a majority falling under L ward. The ward which includes the densely populated Kurla, has 161 of the total 284 landslide prone areas.

4. Since the city is expected to receive above average rainfall this year, the ward officials have issued notices to schools, residential and commercial buildings, dilapidated buildings etc warning them about the perceived risks.

5. In addition to serving over 2000 notices, the ward officials have also taken up demolition of illegal constructions and severed the water/electricity connections of over 75 dilapidated buildings. But, in a majority of cases, the residents have failed to evacuate the buildings.

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