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Monsoon to hit Mumbai by end of this week

Monsoon to hit Mumbai by end of this week
Monsoon to hit Mumbai by end of this week

Monsoon may arrive in the city by end of this week (Representational Image)

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Monday said that monsoon might arrive in Mumbai by end of this week, bringing some much needed respite from the hot and humid weather conditions prevailing in the city.

Earlier this month, IMD’s prediction about pre-monsoon showers arriving in the city on May 12 also turned out to be spot on. The IMD has now said that south-west monsoon is likely to hit Kerala on May 30.

After Kerala, the rains will hit Goa and Konkan region, before arriving in the city on or before June 4. Since the rains are expected to hit Mumbai two or three days after Kerala, the IMD has not committed on a date so far.

However, if the May 30 prediction holds true, the IMD will be in a position to confirm the exact date for monsoon’s arrival in Mumbai.

Meanwhile, both south and central Mumbai witnessed more pre-monsoon showers on Monday morning and evening. The showers brought down the average temperature across south Mumbai and suburbs to around 34 degrees Celsius.

The showers continued on Tuesday morning in some parts of south Mumbai.

A few weeks back, the weather department had forecast that rains would hit the city a few days prior to May 10 due to the advancement of southwest monsoon over south Andaman and Nicobar islands.

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