Mother tries to abandon her child at Malad police station

Mother tries to abandon her child at Malad police station
The one-year-old baby

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. On Sunday, Versova resident Pooja Harikishan Lohat approached Malad police with the intention of abandoning her one year old girl child.

2. The mother told officials that she was at the fish market near Malad station when a woman in her thirties approached her and asked her to take care of the child while she used the public toilet. She claimed that she waited outside the toilet for hours, but the woman never came back. Pooja even gave officials a description of the child’s supposed mother.

3. While the cops took her statement, a police constable Rajesh Pandey found the behavior of the child a little odd. Pandey told Mid-Day that the girl child kept crying when she was handed over to the cops, but was at ease when she was with Pooja. He shared his doubt with his on-duty senior, Sub-Inspector Manohar Sonawane.

4. To confirm their suspicion, the team told Pooja that they would put the child under the care of an orphanage and offered to drop her home. But, after hearing about the orphanage, she confessed that the child was hers and she wanted to abandon her because she was unable to care for her and wanted a better future for the child.

5. After she told the cops that she would get beaten up regularly by her drug-addict husband, officials took a pity on her and let her go home with just a warning.

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