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Mumbai’s suicide rate on the decline, reveals RTI

Mumbai's suicide rate on the decline, reveals RTI

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An RTI filed by Pune Activist Vihar Durve reveals some encouraging stats about the fighting spirit of Mumbaikars. Durve had filed an RTI to get the official number of suicides reported in the city.

The data he received showed that Mumbai’s suicide rates have been on the decline for the last 3 years. From the year 2013 to 2015 alone, the suicide rate has dropped by approximately 15 percent.

In 2013, a total of 1,322 people committed suicide in Mumbai. In 2014, the number dropped the 1,196. 2015 saw a further decline to 1,122.

The data also shows that more males committed suicide compared to females. In the period from 2013 to 2015, a total of 2,304 males committed suicide. In comparison, only 1,336 females committed suicide in the same period.

While it’s encouraging to see the suicide numbers drop, there is no data available on what has resulted in the decline. Although it is generally believed that the increase in awareness about suicide prevention and people’s willingness to seek help might have helped those who were struggling with suicide tendencies once.

Stat Courtesy: Mumbai Mirror

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