Nalasopara residents stage ‘rasta roko’ to protest over 12-hour long power cuts

Nalasopara residents stage 'rasta roko' to protest over 12-hour long power cuts
Representational Image. Courtesy: Newsnirantara

The rains may have brought a respite to many, but not to residents of Nalasopara who’ve had to deal with hour-long power cuts since the onset of monsoon. As a result, the residents, alleging negligence on the part of Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB), took to the road and rail lines to stage a protest on Tuesday morning.

According to an Asian Age report, the first power outage was reported on Sunday evening in the Bohri Colony area. The power was restored 8 am on Monday. Later, the area lost power again around 8 pm on Monday.

This time, it took MSEB 13 hours to restore the power.

Considering that it’s a residential area, many households were affected by the massive power cuts. Residents also allege that there are no safety boxes to cover the transformers, which results in regular power breakdowns.

Frustrated with the back-to-back power cuts, the residents finally blocked the road near Bohri Colony on Tuesday morning to protest against the MSEB’s apathy. However, within minutes, cops arrived to disperse the mob.

Later, the protesters attempted to stop a train near Nalasopara station. But the presence of police force at the station prevented the situation from getting out of hand.

While speaking to the daily, Ajay Kamble from MSEB Nalasopara confirmed that there had been power cuts. “Since Sunday we had sustained two major faults in the main line and it took time for our linesmen to repair the faults and power was delayed,” he added.

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