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From next week, Harbour line trains to run on 25,000-volt AC

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Local trains plying on Harbour and Trans-Harbour line will get soon get more juice as they will be upgraded from 1,500-volt Direct Current (DC) to 25000-volt Alternating Current (AC).

After getting final clearances from the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS), the Central Railway (CR) has decided to begin work from the the night of April 8, which will continue for the next 72 hours.

In a bid to ensure that commuters aren’t inconvenienced during the conversion, the CR has decided to carry out work during the regular mega block days. Also, in case the last local is cancelled on April 8, the CR will not take the Sunday mega-block on Harbour and Trans-Harbour during the day.

CR wanted to do the DC to AC conversion on these lines in March itself, but pending clearances, delayed the work.

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