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October 2018 temperatures ‘consistently higher’ than any October since 2008

October 2018 temperatures ‘consistently higher’ than any October since 2008
October 2018 temperatures 'consistently higher' than any October since 2008

Maximum temperature in Mumbai crossed 37 degrees Celsius 5 times this October, more than any other year since 2008 (Picture Courtesy: Krunal Mehta)

Counting Tuesday and Wednesday, mercury levels in Mumbai have already crossed 37 degrees Celsius five times this October – a stark contrast to any year since 2008.

At 37.6 degrees Celsius, both yesterday and today were the second hottest days this month. The highest temperature recorded this month was on October 7, when mercury level touched 37.8 degrees Celsius.

On both days, IMD’s Santacruz observatory recorded a maximum temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius, while the Colaba observatory recorded a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius.

The city’s temperature continues to hover above normal as the sweltering October heat refuses to relinquish its grip. The temperature was 4 degrees above normal on Tuesday.

According to historical data, Mumbai has only witnessed temperatures of 37 degrees or above four times in the last decade – twice in 2015 and once each in 2014 and 2008.

The decade-highest was recorded in October 2015, when the temperature touched 38.6 degrees Celsius.

In contrast, the temperature has already crossed over 37 degrees five times in October 2018. Moreover, the city has also witnessed the lowest ever rainfall this October than any other in the last decade.

According to IMD scientists, the warm and dry northerly winds are responsible for the recent rise in temperatures. The thick smog, meanwhile, can be attributed to the pollutants in the dry air mixing with the cold sea breeze.

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