Reservoirs supplying water to Mumbai 85% full: BMC

Reservoirs supplying water to Mumbai 85% full: BMC
The total water stock in the seven reservoirs was 12.38 lakh million litres, against the 14.47 required by the end of monsoon (Representational Image. Courtesy: All India Radio)

In a good news for Mumbaikars, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has said that the seven reservoirs supplying water to the Mumbai metropolitan region are 85 percent full, with chances of year round water cut minimal.

“There is least possibility of a water cut as good rain in the catchment areas of the reservoirs have ensured that there is 85 percent water stock by yesterday,” a senior civic official said on Thursday.

According to the official, the total water stock in the seven reservoirs needs to be at 14.47 lakh million litres by end of monsoon to ensure that the metropolitan region gets water supply throughout the year.

By yesterday the water level in the seven reservoirs stood at 12.38 lakh million litres, he said, adding that reservoirs Modak Sagar and Tansa have already overflowed while Tulsi and Middle Vaitarna reservoirs are likely to overflow soon.

The city’s water supply comes from seven reservoirs which store rainwater.

The reservoirs supplying water to the city are: Modak Sagar (built in 1957), Tansa lake (built in 1925), Vehar lake (built in 1860), Tulsi lake (built in 1879), Upper Vaitarna (built in 1973), Bhatsa (built in 1983) and Middle Vaitarna (built in 2012).

Five of these are maintained by the BMC, while the remaining two – Bhatsa and Upper Vaitarna – come under state government’s control.

The BMC supplies 3,750 million litres of water everyday to the island city and suburbs, which still falls short of the actual demand for 4,200 million litres.

Prior to 2016, insufficient rainfall had forced the civic body to impose water cuts throughout the city. The situation, however, improved last year and is expected to remain favorable this year as well.

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