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Residents oppose Rs 20 crore Juhu beach beautification plan

Residents oppose Rs 20 crore Juhu beach beautification plan
Residents oppose Rs 20 crore Juhu beach beautification plan

Image Source: Honey Mishra (Representational image from BMC)

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) ambitious plan of beautifying Juhu beach with a ‘sailboat’ theme is facing opposition from residents before the work has even began.

Back in 2015, the civic body had allocated a budget of Rs 20 crore for the Juhu Beach beautification project which entailed installing around hundred 12-metre high pillars across the shoreline. The pillars were meant resemble the mast of a sailboat and fitted with LEDs that would change color to create the illusion of an actual sailboat.

But, before the plan could be actioned, members from the ‘For Apna Mumbai Abhiyaan’ have written to the BMC chief Ajoy Mehta and requested the civic body to reconsider the plans. ‘For Apna Mumbai Abhiyaan’ is an association of multiple citizen groups, that voices its opinions in unison against civic and environmental matters.

According to a member from the association, “The civic body has disregarded the need for maintaining basic cleanliness in lieu of artificial beauty. The beach, which is frequented by thousands everyday, would benefit more from the installation of proper lighting, disposal areas, security, life guards, restricting dumping etc. But instead, the BMC wants to light up the place like a discotheque.”

In their appeal to the civic body’s chief, the members have demanded that the BMC withdraw the beautification project and spend resources on maintaining the beach. Many members, who are residents from the area, have also voiced their concern over why the BMC chose to ignore citizen feedback in such an important decision.

When we contacted the BMC chief’s office, an official acknowledged receiving a letter from the association. However, he confirmed that the concerned stakeholders haven’t taken a call on their objections till now.

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