RPF cop stumbles upon Rs 8 lakh cash in Rajdhani Express, gives it back

RPF cop stumbles upon Rs 8 lakh cash in Rajdhani Express, gives it back
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1. On Thursday, a virtuous act of a Railway Protection Force (RPF) cop helped a distressed passenger recover a hefty amount of cash he lost on the Rajdhani Express.

2. RPF officer, Rameshchand Meena, was on a routine check of the train which had arrived from New Delhi at 8:15 am, when he spotted an unattended bag on an upper berth of the train’s A-3 compartment. He contacted the coach’s attendant and inquired about the brown bag but the attendant did not know which passenger it belonged to.

3. Following which, the 48-year-old, along with the attendant, examined the contents of the abandoned bag and found Rs 8 lakh in cash as well as a cheque book inside it. He immediately took the bag to the Lost Parcel Office and contacted the person whom the cheque book belonged to. However, when the person did not pick up the calls, Inspector Rakesh Kumar Arya of Mumbai Central station asked his staff to keep a watch out for anyone who claimed to have lost their luggage. Later, a man arrived stating he was the one who lost cash on the train.

4. After inquiry of the 35-year-old named Mohammed Ikram, police returned him the money he had misplaced. Apparently, Ikram was carrying the amount to buy fabrics for his family business and misplaced the amount while hurriedly paying a porter.

5. The man is now grateful to Meena for his honesty. Railway authorities too have praised the RPF cop and Divisional Railway Manager Mukul Jain of Western Railway awarded him Rs 1000 as reward.

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