Proposed law to make 3rd party insurance compulsary for lift, escalator related mishaps

Proposed law to make 3rd party insurance compulsary for lift, escalator related mishaps 3
The new law also provides for fixing the life of elevators to curb accidents (Representational Image. Courtesy: VideoBlocks)

The Maharashtra cabinet on Tuesday approved a proposal to scrap the existing Maharashtra Elevators Act, 1939 and bring a new law that would regulate escalators and moving walkways along with elevators.

The legislation, which is expected to be tabled in the winter session of the state legislature beginning from December 11, provides for making third-party insurance mandatory so that in the case of a mishap, injured persons can get compensation.

An official in the state Energy Department told PTI that the 1939 Act covered only elevators (lifts) and not escalators and moving walkways which are common at shopping malls, railway stations, and many other public places now.

The proposed ‘Maharashtra Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walkways Legislation, 2017’ also provides for fixing the life of an elevator so as to curb accidents.

Moreover, the new law will be linked to the standards updated by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to ensure that technological standards are maintained in step with the times.

The new law will also determine the required strength and standards for elevators depending upon the footfall.

The need for the new law was felt due to the technological innovations that have taken place. Besides, the Bombay High Court had also issued directions in this regard on a Public Interest Litigation in 2015.

The draft law was prepared by a committee headed by the Chief Electrical Inspector in consultation with private companies and maintenance service providers.

The official also revealed that there were only 14 Lift Inspectors in Mumbai, which has around 25,000 elevators. Moreover, there is no official record of the number of casualties in lift-related mishaps.

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