Shiv Sena vs Congress delays Inauguration of garden under Matunga flyover

Shiv Sena vs Congress delays Inauguration of garden under Matunga flyover
Pictured: The park under Matunga flyover

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. The work on proposed garden under the Tulpule flyover on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road is near completion, but locals are still uncertain about when the park will be thrown open to the public given its politicized inauguration.

2. The Rs 5 crore project included the construction of a park for children and a jogging space for residents in the shape of Narmada river. The proposal was passed in 2014 and is finally nearing completion, with only the installation of lights and other electrical fixtures remaining.

3. Pro-active citizens from the neighbourhood also contributed to the construction work by hiring security guards and keeping the space below the flyover encroachment free for two years.

4. Unfortunately for the residents, the inauguration of the park has ended up causing a dispute between local corporators from Shiv Sena and Congress, given both of them want their party to take the credit for the project. Congress corporator Nayna Seth wants to inaugurate the park herself while Shiv Sena’s Trushna Vishwasrao wants the city’s Mayor to cut the ribbon.

5. While politicians continue to debate over who should inaugurate the park, citizens have started voicing concerns about the delay in opening, given the park was scheduled to be thrown open before the end of summer vacations.

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