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Student accuses Patkar college professor of taking bribes, failing those who don’t pay

Student accuses Patkar college professor of taking bribes, failing those who don’t pay
Student accuses Patkar college faculty of taking bribes, failing those who don't pay 1

Patkar College premises

A college faculty or staff indulging in malpractices isn’t exactly unheard of. But such cases are seldom brought to light by students as they, in part or at times, often benefit from them.

However, that is not the case at Goregaon’s Patkar-Varade College, where students have taken it upon themselves to highlight the unethical activities being practiced by the college’s faculty member.

The students have alleged that the college’s English professor has demanded bribes to help them clear the exams.

In a letter to the college authorities, a students has stated that a professor, with the help of the clerical staff, has been taking bribes for altering the student’s mark sheets.

The alleged malpractice was first reported by a second-year Bachelor of Arts student, Vishal Sonawane, who wrote to the college authorities.

In his letter, Sonawane claimed that he was made to fail the subject and asked to pay Rs 30,000 bribe by the professor. When he said he couldn’t pay, he was asked to give a mobile phone.

According to a report in a leading daily, the letter submitted by Sonawane read, “Everything is organised in such a way that students are compelled to pay the bribe. A few teachers demand up to Rs 10,000 and ask students to deposit the money in their accounts. If a student denies, he/she is threatened with failure in exams.”

Reportedly, the faculty member asks students to pay the bribe and give their papers for re-evaluation after failing, following which their marks are changed and they are made to clear the subject.

A third-year Arts student, who wished to remain unnamed, confirmed the development and said that the practice was common knowledge among students.

“I know a few people who had paid money to clear exams during our second year. It’s not just one student, professor or staff who is involved in the scam. There are others. The clerical staff is the one who usually identifies students who are well off, but score average or below average marks,” he said.

“Those who wish to clear the exams and are willing to pay upfront are asked to pay. Those who are skeptical and don’t pay before the exam are approached once the results are out. They have to pay more for the ‘after-exam’ setting, but they are also cleared during the re-evaluation,” he added.

Meanwhile, the college has formed a three-member committee to look into the student’s allegations.

College Principal, Sharmishtha Matkar, told Mumbai Mirror, “At this point, all these are just allegations. The fact-finding committee would look into the issue and decide further action.”

The matter has also taken a political turn with the involvement of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s Vidyarthi Sena (MNVS). The MNVS has demanded action against faculty member who has asked for bribes from students.

MNVS vice-president, advocate Santosh Dhotre, has also stated that they will protest outside the campus if the college fails to take the necessary action.

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