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TC suspended for manhandling commuter at Bandra station

TC suspended for manhandling commuter at Bandra station
TC suspended for manhandling commuter at Bandra station

The TC, Deepak Rane, was suspended after he allegedly manhandled Pratik Shedge at the ticket checkers’ office at Bandra station following a verbal spat (screengrabs from the video)

Western Railway has suspended a ticket-checker (TC) who allegedly assaulted a commuter at Bandra station on Saturday.

The incident took place at 11.30 am on Saturday at the ticket checkers’ office at Bandra railway station. It was recorded and shared by the commuter’s friend on social media.

The commuter, Pratik Shedge (23), later filed a complaint with Bandra government railway police (GRP), which registered a non-cognisable (NC) offence against the travelling ticket examiner, Deepak Pandurang Rane.

According to officials, Rane had asked Shedge to present his ticket after he alighted from a local train. While the passenger had a valid ticket, his identity card was not stamped. As a result, the TC asked him to pay the fine.

After paying the fine, a verbal spat broke out between the two and later escalated to an altercation, during which Rane allegedly manhandled the commuter.

A video of the incident was shared by a Twitter user, Ambarish Nair, on Saturday.

“A western railway ticket checker from Bandra station Deepak Pandurang Rane manhandled passenger Pratik Shedge. Passenger had a valid pass but the stamp on it wasn’t clear still he paid the penalty. Post which Mr. Deepak manhandled & slapped him,” Nair tweeted, while tagging WR’s official handle.

The video shows the heated exchange between the two but ends as the TC purportedly starts manhandling the commuter.

After the video started doing rounds on social media, a Western Railway spokesperson said the TC was suspended and a departmental inquiry was ordered into the incident.

“We are taking this issue seriously as TCs are frontline staff. Their misbehaviour brings a bad name to the organisation,” the official was quoted as saying.

WR also issued a statement about the action taken against the errant TC.

“Complaints on social media are also taken as formal complaints. We will conduct a thorough inquiry and speak to the passengers. The final decision will be taken then. As of now suitable action has been taken against the culprit ticket examiner,” it read.

Video (strong language, discretion advised)

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