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Traffic Fines Mumbai 2019: Updated list of penalties for traffic violations

Traffic Fines Mumbai 2019: Updated list of penalties for traffic violations
Traffic Fines Mumbai 2019: Updated list of penalties for traffic violations 1

The traffic police has started resorting to means like seizing licenses, incentivising officials, making house visits among others to settle unpaid e-challans

In the last three years, the introduction of the e-challan system coupled with the implementation of the city-wide CCTV network has led to better detection of traffic violations in Mumbai – the most car-congested city in the country.

While the collection of traffic fines is still slow, with motorists still owing the traffic police around Rs 150 crore, the recovery rate is gradually improving as the department resorts to means like seizing licenses, incentivising officials among others to settle unpaid e-challans.

In a bid to keep Mumbaikars abreast about the updated penalties for traffic violations, here’s a comprehensive list of all offences along with the fines they attract.

Updated fines for traffic violations in Mumbai for 2019:

Sr. NoSectionOffencePenalty (Rs)
1250 A MMVR/177 MVATalking on mobile phone200
23/181 MVA (Driver)Without valid driving license500
35/180 MVA (Owner)Allowing unauthorised person to drive (owner)500
4130 (1) MVA/177 MVARefusal or failure to produce license200
515 (2) (2) RRR/177 MVAParking on footpath200
615 (2) (1) RRR/177 MVAParking on or near a bend200
715 (2) (1) RRR/177 MVAParking on bridge200
815 (2) (1) RRR/177 MVAParking on road crossing200
915 (2) (1) RRR/177 MVAParking not as indicated (in no parking space)200
1015 (2) (8) RRR/177 MVAParking in front of gate200
1115 (2) (5) RRR/177 MVAParking opposite another motor vehicle200
12122 MVA/177 MVAObstructing traffic flow200
1315 (2) (3) RRR/177 MVAParking near a signal or pedestrian crossing200
14185 MVADrink and driveNon-compoundable offence requiring appearance before court. Can result in fine or upto 6 month imprisonment or both
1551 CMVR/177 MVAFancy number plate1000
1615 (2) (9) RRR/177 MVAParking on wrong side of road200
17105 CMVR/177 MVAWithout head light200
1821 (1) RRR/177 MVAHonking200
19112 A/183 MVAOverspeeding by own accord1000
20112 A/183 MVAOverspeeding due to instigation by employer1000
21100 (2) CMVR/177 MVATinted glasses200
22178 (3) MVARefusal to ply auto rickshaw50
23178 (3) MVARefusal to ply taxi200
2421 (7) MMVR/177 MVAMeter flag down on stand200
2539 MVA/192 (1) MVAi) Two wheeler without registration1000
2639 MVA/192 (2) MVAii) Other vehicles without registration2000
2721 (16) MMVR/177 MVARickshaw or taxi driver smoking while driving200
2821 (18) MMVR/177 MVARickshaw or taxi driver without uniform200
2915 (2) (10) RRR/177 MVAParking at prohibited place200
30128(1)/177 MVARiding triple seat200
31233 MMVR/177 MVAReversing without precaution200
3221 (20) MMVR/177 MVACarrying extra passengers (Taxi/Auto)200
3312 RRR/177 MVATaking illegal U-turn (where prohibited)200
34102 (1) CMVR/177 MVATurning without light direction (indicators)200
358 RRR/177 MVANot slowing down at junction or intersection200
36123 MVA/177 MVARiding or running board outside vehicle200
37186 MVADriver physically or mentally unfit to drive500
384 RRR/177 MVAOvertaking from left200
3913(A) RRR/177 MVAFailure to give slow down signal200
409 RRR/177 MVAGive way to traffic on right side200
4118 (1) RRR/177 MVALane cutting200
427 RRR/177 MVAObstructing overtaking200
4318 (2) RRR/177 MVACross yellow line violation overtaking200
4419 (1) RRR/177 MVAHalting on stop line or pedestrian crossing200
45103 (2) CMVR/177 MVAParking lights not on (two/three wheeler)200
46109 CMVR/177 MVAParking lights not on (other than two/three wheeler)200
4721 (2) RRR/177 MVAHonking in silence zone200
4821 (1) RRR/177 MVAHonking continually or unnecessarily200
49119 (2) CMVR/190 (2) MVAUsing multi toned horn500
50239 MMVR/177 MVAJumping signal200
5122 (A)RRR/177 MVAViolation of signal given by traffic official200
52189 MVARacing/speed test violation2000
53184 MVADangerous driving1000
54202 MMVR/177 MVAUnsafe or dangerous transportation of goods200
5552 MVA/191 MVAAlteration in vehicle without RTO permission1000
56165 MMVR/177 MVAWithout mud guard200
57161 MMVR/177 MVAWithout side mirror200
58162 MMVR/177 MVATV/Video set on dashboard200
5994 (2) CMVR/177 MVATyre damaged200
60104 (1) CMVR/177 MVAWithout reflector or red tail lamp1000
61198 MVAUnauthorised interference with vehicle1000
62101 CMVR/177 MVAWithout wipers200
63178 (3) MMVRRefusal to ply auto50
6421 (5) MMVR/177 MVARickshaw/Taxi waiting to ply out of stand200
6521 (14) MMVR/177 MVARickshaw/Taxi insufficient fuel200
6621 (19) MMVR/177 MVAUnclean vehicle (Taxi/Auto)200
6721 (10) MMVR/177 MVACarry cleaner in permit vehicle200
68146 MMVR/177 MVAFaulty meter200
6923 (1) MMVR/177 MVACarrying animals dangerously200
7024 (2) MMVR/177 MVAFailure to display badge200
71125/177 MVAObstruction to driver200
72119/177 MVADisobeying traffic signs200
732 RRR/177 MVADriving on wrong side of road200
74146 MVA /196 MVAWithout valid insurance (Driver)300
75146 MVA /196 MVAWithout valid insurance (Owner)2000
763 (C) CMVR/177 MVADriving on learner license without ‘L’ board200
77236 (1) MMVR/177 MVANumber plate not visible200
78129 MVA/177 MVARiding without helmet500
79138 (3) CMVR/177 MVADriving without seatbelt200
8017 (1) RRR/177MVANo entry or one way200
8113 RRR/177 MVASignal not given by driver200
82178 (1) MVAWithout ticket200
83190 (2) MVADriving unsafe vehicle on road500

Note: In case of discrepancy, compare with fines on Mumbai Traffic Police website

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