Video: Elderly man climbs atop towing van in Mulund, flees with vehicle without paying penalty

Video: Elderly man climbs atop towing van in Mulund, flees with vehicle without paying penalty
Screengrabs from the video

Days after an official was accused of forcibly towing a car with a breastfeeding mother, a traffic policeman in Mulund had to face another tricky situation after an elderly man freed his two-wheeler from the towing van and fled without paying the penalty.

The entire incident, believed to have taken place earlier today, was caught on video by a passersby.

According to preliminary information, Mulund traffic police towed the parked white-coloured Honda Activa while on a routine round.

The two-wheeler, belonging to the elderly Sikh, was allegedly parked in a no-parking zone

Upon seeing his two-wheeler getting towed, the man climbed on top of the towing vehicle, freed his Activa and managed to take it down with the help of some bystanders. The man then fled the spot without paying the requisite penalty.

Meanwhile, neither the traffic policeman or the towing staff tried to interfere or stop the man from illegally removing his two-wheeler, likely to avoid creating a scene. The official, however, recorded the entire incident on his phone as proof.

As of publishing this, Mulund police have booked the unidentified man under relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act on the basis of the official’s complaint.

Further details are awaited.

The incident comes barely three days after an official was accused of towing a vehicle carrying a breastfeeding mother in Malad.

A video of the incident had gone viral, sparking a major outrage. The matter, however, took a complete u-turn after more videos surfaced which showed that the woman had entered the vehicle with the intention of stopping her car from getting towed.


This is a developing story and more details will be added to the article as soon as they become available.

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