Video: Mukh darshan of Lalbaughcha Raja 2016

Video: Mukh darshan of Lalbaughcha Raja 2016
Picture Courtesy: Sakaal Group

While the celebrations for Ganesh Chaturthi are set to begin on September 5, the city has already welcomed its most iconic ganesh idol ‘Lalbaugcha Raja’, which was unveiled it all it’s glory yesterday evening.

Lalbaugcha Raja has been Mumbai’s most revered Ganesh idol for the past few decades, with several million devotees flocking to the mandal to get a glimpse of the idol and seeking blessings each year. The idol is kept for eleven days before being immersed on the auspicious day of Anant Chaturdashi.

It is estimated that over 10 lakh people pay a visit to the idol each day and over a crore visit throughout the eleven day period.

The first look of the Lalbaugcha Raja 2016 was unveiled on Thursday around 6:30 PM and a limited number of media persons were allowed inside the mandal to catch a glimpse of the idol and take pictures and videos.

Here’s a video of the mukh-darshan:

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