Video: Van catches fire ahead of J.J flyover, traffic affected

Van catches fire ahead of J.J flyover, traffic affected 1
Picture Courtesy: Arita Sarkar

On Friday afternoon, a van caught fire in Mumbai’s Nagpada area, affecting the flow of traffic on the southbound lane after J.J flyover.

The incident occurred around 11:50 am, when a Maruti Suzuki van went up in flames ahead of J.J flyover opposite Richardson & Cruddas warehouse in Nagpada. The vehicle is currently parked outside J.J Hospital.

The fire department was immediately alerted about the incident, but it was yet to reach the spot by 12:15 pm.

According to an onlooker, Viraj Desai, the car’s back side caught fire first. When the driver realized that the car was on fire, he immediately turned to the right side lane and parked the vehicle. The driver was able to get out from the vehicle before the fire engulfed the entire car.

While the exact cause of fire is unknown, preliminary information indicates that a possible leakage in the LPC/CNG cylinder may have caused the van to go up in flames.

No casualties have been reported. However, the flow of traffic towards Byculla has been affected, with commuters experiencing a delay of around 10 minutes.

Traffic police are on the spot and have cordoned off the area surrounding the vehicle.

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