Video: Youth climbs out of Mantralaya building, threatens to jump off

Video: Youth threatens to jump off Mantralaya building, ministers try to negotiate
The youth wanted to meet Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis or Agriculture Minister Pandurang Fundkar (Picture Courtesy: Adwait Mangalore, Laxman Singh)

The Mantralaya building, administrative headquarters of the Maharashtra government, witnessed high voltage drama on Friday evening after a youth climbed out of the 7th floor window and threatened to jump off the building if his demands were not met.

The youth, refusing to disclose his name, has demanded that he be allowed to meet Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis or Agriculture Minister Pandurang Fundkar. Both, incidentally, are not in the city.

In a bid to open a channel of communication, officials persuaded him to share his mobile number. The youth wrote his number on the chit and threw it down.

However, in the absence of the concerned ministers, Mumbai guardian minister Vinod Tawde and minister of state for home Ranjit Patil reportedly rushed to the spot and attempted to negotiate with the unidentified youth.

As of publishing this report, negotiations are still underway and the youth is still standing on the ledge outside the 7th floor.

Meanwhile, the building’s staffers, police and fire brigade officials have all gathered around the building. Fire brigade, fearing the worst, has laid out a safety net and called for an aerial ladder.

The youth is most likely a farmer likely wanting to highlight his woes, a source told Local Press Co. In the past, many farmers had protested outside the Mantralaya building over loan waivers.

Further details awaited.

Update: The youth surrendered himself after speaking with Vinod Tawde. He is currently in police custody.

Update 2: The youth has been identified as Anand Salve, a farmer from Osmanabad. He told cops that he wanted to speak to the ministers over prices of cotton and soybean.


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