Western Railway to introduce 8 new Mumbai suburban services, cancel 5

Western Railway to introduce 8 new Mumbai suburban services, cancel 5
Picture Courtesy: Arzan Kotval/IRFCA.org

Western Railway is set to introduce eight new Mumbai suburban services and cancel five others from October 10, taking the total number of services on the line from 1319 to 1322.

The circular detailing the inclusion and cancellation of services reads:

For the comfort and convenience of passengers, Western Railway is introducing 8 new services o­n the suburban section, 4 each in Up & Dn direction respectively. The additional services o­n the Virar sector are being introduced by optimum utilization of existing links. 10 services are also being extended viz. 4 in Up and 6 in Down direction.

These changes will come into effect from 10th October, 2016.

Due to major changes in the timings and introduction of new Mail/Express trains in the new Main Line Time Table of Western Zone w.e.f. 1/10/2016, suitable changes were necessary in the existing suburban time table. Accordingly 5 existing suburban services have been planned to be cancelled including 4 existing services in up direction and one existing service in down direction.

The reasons for reduction in these existing suburban services have been told as to incorporate the 8 additional services as indicated in the tables as under. Therefore, the number of daily average of total suburban services o­n Western Railway will now increase from 1319 to 1322 including 110 harbour services, as 8 new services are being introduced, while 5 are being reduced.

The details of new services are as under:

Down Direction




Up Direction




Details of services extended:

# Churchgate-Bhayander departing at 11.32 hrs extended to Virar

# Churchgate-Borivali departing at 12.16 hrs extended to Virar

# Churchgate-Bhayandar departing at 13.55 hrs extended to Virar

# Churchgate-Vasai Road departing at 16.05 hrs extended to Virar

# Churchgate-Bandra departing at 21.23 hrs extended to Bhayandar

# Churchgate-Bandra departing at 21.26 hrs extended to Borivali

# Virar-Andheri departing at 06.41 hrs extended to Churchgate

# Virar-Bandra departing at 06.45 hrs extended to Churchgate

# Virar-Dadar departing at 14.34 hrs will depart at 14.42 hrs & extended to Churchgate

# Vasai Rd-Andheri departing at 17.29 hrs will depart at 17.40 hrs from Virar

The following Dahanu Road services will halt at all stations between Churchgate and Mumbai Central :


The details of services planned to be cancelled are as under:

Sr.No.Train NoOriginatingDestination
1ADH 90162Andheri07.45Churchgate08.32
2BA 90174Bandra08.05Churchgate08.38
3BA 90261Churchgate08.41Bandra09.21
4BA 90240Bandra09.03Churchgate09.34
5BO 90478Borivali11.55Churchgate13.02

The circular states that five existing suburban services have been decided to be short terminated, while the timings and the paths of some of the existing suburban services will also be changed due to speeding up of existing Mail/ Express trains, to ease congestion during peak hours, reduction of diversions, revision in the departure timings of Mail/ Express trains and adjustments for additional suburban services.

Similarly as 19024 Firozpur Janta Express will be speeded up, the duration of its halt at Borivali is reduced and its regulation at Andheri has been away with and hence it will arrive at Mumbai Central at 19:35 hrs instead of 20:10 hours.

To accommodate 19024 at Dadar, Train No. BO 90878 will be dealt o­n Pf-6 instead of Pf-5.

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