Youth tries to buy beer with color xerox of Rs 2,000 note, gets arrested

Youth tries to buy beer with color xerox of Rs 2,000 note, gets arrested
An official with Virar with the fake note. Picture Courtesy: Nawab Shaikh

Barely two days after a Thane-resident was caught trying to deposit fake Rs 1,000 notes in his bank account, a 26-year-old was apprehended while trying to buy beer with a fake Rs 2,000 note.

Since the new Rs 2,000 note was issued barely ten days back, not everyone has seen or gotten acquainted with it. As a result, many ‘opportunists’ have tried to take advantage of the situation by trying their luck with a color xerox of the new note.

Case in point, Virar resident Tushar Chitale who attempted to buy beer from a wine shop in his vicinity using a fake note on Sunday.

Unfortunately for Chitale, the wine shop’s owner Vishwanath Shetty had got more than acquainted with the new currency and spotted the fake note immediately. Not only that, Shetty apprehended the youth and handed him over to Virar police.

After taking Chitale into custody, police officials also recovered other fake copies from him. An official from Virar police confirmed that the accused had multiple attempts to get the color and quality right.

Chitale has been booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and will be produced in court today.

Meanwhile, officials are also trying to ascertain if any of his acquaintances have tried to pull off the same trick. They are also trying to locate the shop from where he got the printouts.

In a similar incident, an Andheri-based wine merchant was duped by a customer who managed to buy liquor with a photocopied note last week.

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